Knife Laws in New Hampshire

When we talk about knife laws, we know New Hampshire is a knife-friendly state. It is very permissive about knives. In this article, you will learn all you should know about knife laws in New Hampshire.

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Knife Laws in New Hampshire – Details & Facts

Legal Knives to Own in New Hampshire

It is surprising news that there are no restrictions in New Hampshire. There are no knives illegal to own here. You can possess all types of knives here. Even illegal knives in most states, like Bowie knives and Balisong knives, are also legal to own here. 

The same rule applies to all other knives like butterfly knives, throwing stars, and other large-blade knives. Even machetes are also allowed in this state.

Illegal Knives to Own in New Hampshire

There is not any illegal knife to own in New Hampshire. So you can own all knives legally without any difficulty. However, there are some restrictions for those who have some legal problems.

For example, people convicted of crimes against persons or property and those convicted of serious drug-related crimes cannot possess stilettos, daggers, dirks, or other knives.

Such people aren’t even allowed to carry switchblades, not to mention knives, which are considered deadly weapons, and that’s when the law gets confusing.

A deadly weapon is defined as a weapon used with the intent to cause death or serious injury. So, it’s not necessarily about the actual knife but the purpose.

Carry limits

Before 2010, many knives – wildly stabbing knives – were unlawful to carry. After 2010, it became legal to carry all blades in the open without any problems.

Concealed Carry

Concealed carry is also not prohibited. As long as the owner is allowed to keep certain knives, there is no limit to them. So there will be some restrictions on convicted criminals.

Specific Locations / Circumstances

There is a prohibition on the use of deadly weapons in courthouses. Lethal weapons are quite broad, but knives are also included.

Restrictions on Sale or Transfer

New Hampshire does not prohibit the sale, transfer, loan, or borrowing of knives, even by minors.

Statewide Preemption

There is a statewide preemption in New Hampshire. There is a provision in the law that prohibits municipalities and political subdivisions within the state from restricting knives.

Summary of Knife Laws in New Hampshire

Overall, New Hampshire has a relaxed attitude toward knives. If you are a law-abiding citizen, there are no restrictions or critical aspects to keep in mind.

Most of these restrictions apply to convicted felons, and they pertain to the possession and carrying of various knives.

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