Knife Laws in Kansas

Kansas is one of the most popular states that are too permissive about knives. But some of the current knife laws in Kansas are difficult to understand.

Some knives are legal to own and others are illegal. In addition to this, there are some types of knives that you can carry without any difficulty but others are restricted.

Here you will find all of these laws in a straightforward and easy manner.

Knife Laws in Kansas – Important aspects to Know

Now, we are going to discuss the different aspects that a bowie knife user should know. So here we go:

Legal knives to own in Kansas:

You are allowed to own all types of knives here without any disturbance. A Bowie knife is one of the versatile types of knives that is illegal in most states. But it is also permissible here. So you can own it legally. You can use the best Bowie knife for a variety of purposes.

In addition to this other large-blade knives are also permitted to own. For example, you can own Bali knives, switchblades, and automatic knives are legal. Dirks, stilettos, daggers, or other stabbing knives are legal. The same role applies to gravity knives.

Illegal knife to own in Kansas:

Ballistic knives are totally banned in Kansas like in other states. The ownership of ballistic knives and Chinese throwing stars is illegal as well. So if you own such knives then you may face difficulties according to Kansas law.

Carrying Limits:

You can openly carry all those knives which are legal in Kansas. It is perfectly legal to carry a knife publicly while shopping or walking around.

Concealed Carry:

There are no restrictions on concealed carry as well. You can conceal and carry any legal knife in Kansas without worrying about getting into trouble.

Specific Locations / Circumstances:

However, there are some general restrictions regarding the manner in which knives may be carried – whether in plain sight or concealed.

It is the policy of Kansas to prohibit the carrying of weapons in schools. In addition, the same rule applies to jails and juvenile correctional facilities.

Restrictions on Sale or Transfer:

There were previously restrictions on the use of automatic knives before 2013. Now, however, if the knife is legal, you can sell, pass, transfer, or give it to someone else without any difficulties.

Statewide Preemption:

Kansas has a statewide preemption law. Therefore, municipalities cannot establish their own knife laws.

Major Cities in Kansas with Knife Ordinances:

The Kansas Constitution preempts all local ordinances on carrying knives, effective 7/1/14, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Summary of Knife Laws in Kansas

No exceptions apply to banned knives or different categories of individuals who may carry knives in prohibited locations. Each individual must adhere to the same set of rules.

Kansas does not have many restrictions on knives and it is possible for you to own most knives available on the market today. It is possible to carry them openly or concealed without fear of getting into trouble.

Make sure you are only using legal knives and do not take them into prohibited areas. Just do some research to know the history of Kanas along with the rules and regulations implemented in this part of the world.

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