How to Conceal a Bowie Knife? 6 Best Ways

There are certain ways to conceal a Bowie knife depending on the state in which you are and the surrounding space. There are specific rules and regulations for these specially designed Bowie knives in different states.

This article discusses the major states where knives can be carried. In addition to this, a detailed discussion will also be provided on the most common methods of concealing such knife products.

How to Conceal a Bowie Knife?

The rules and protective roles of the major states have a great impact on the concealing of such knives. The states like Arizona, Alabama, Alaska, and Florida allow users to carry the Bowie knives both openly & conceded.

On the other hand, the states like the California and Washington have strict rules and terms against concealing these knives. Therefore, in this article, we will only tell you about the best ways on concealing the Bowie knives in the legal states in safe ways.

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1. Using a Sheath

The use of a sheath is one of the safest ways of concealing a Bowie knife in certain places. As it is a protective covering for such knives that can be attached to both body and bags that the users travel with.

However, we would still recommend you to not use these knives for any activity unless you are in a dangerous place. Any wrong use of these sharp products can cause numerous problems for you in the future with several concealed carry permits.

2. Use Large Clothes

Another easy way of hiding the Bowie knives and entering multiple places safely and protection is the use of large-sized clothes. As they are always attached to the sheath belt present at the waist point and covered by multiple oversized clothes to hide from the authorities.

You can also use thick jackets and shirts with numerous pockets for easy knife-concealing tasks. But, the outcome will be all your problems in case you get caught by the security members which can even cause a good prison time for you depending on the state you are in.

3. Utilize Hidden Pockets

Well, this step may make you look like a serial killer, Just Kidding! This is another interesting to conceal a Bowie knife. For this activity, you have to get yourselves some special jackets or bags with hidden pockets.

These pockets should be attached at some secret point that only you can easily access and can remain hidden from all other people. In this way, you can simply conceal a high-quality multiple-sized Bowie knife in several places.

4. Use Diversionary Devices

Last but not the least, we’ll refer you to use the Diversionary devices to grab the attention of the authorities from the knives. You can easily use items like pens, flashlights, and laser lights to create confusion among security persons and conceal the knives easily.

However, it is a dangerous way of invading any area armed with deadly weapons. So, make sure to not use them for harmful purposes, or else you’ll have to face high charges and multiple punishments.

How to Conceal a Bowie Knife in a Coat?

You can easily conceal a Bowie knife in a coat or jacket with any permit terms and conditions by following the given steps.

1. Choose a Long Coat

If you wear a long coat below the waist, the knife will be easier to conceal. It would be a good idea to wear a trench coat or a duster coat.

2. Use a Sheath

To conceal a knife, a sheath is used as a protective cover. This device can be attached to a belt or attached to a backpack or bag.

3. Position the Sheath

Make sure the sheath is positioned in a way that is not visible when the coat is buttoned or zipped.

4. Wear Unbuttoned or Unzipped Coat

If you do need to access the knife quickly, this will allow you to do so.

5. Take Care of Surroundings

Take care to be aware of your surroundings, and do not hesitate to remove the knife if necessary.

Best Tips to Conceal a Bowie Knife

Here are some of the best tips that we can share with you depending on our experience of concealing such knives. Moreover, these tips are all the same for the fixed blade, EDC, Bagwell Bowie, Appendix, Panther, and Large Blade knives and their alternatives.

  • Get yourself the lightest and most flexible knife
  • Make sure to have a special hidden pocket for these knives
  • Ensure easy access to these hidden pockets for yourself
  • Correctly position the Bowie knives
  • Take care of your surroundings before doing anything
  • Get yourself a Knife license

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a Bowie knife good for self-defense?

The blade’s shape makes it perfect for fighting, and while the user is fighting, the overall shape protects their hands. Hunters, anglers, survivalists, and preppers can also use the Bowie in the field.

Where is the best place to conceal a knife?

Here are the places to conceal a Bowie knife,

  • Belt Sheath
  • Boot Clip or Ankle Wrap
  • Weaved into Shoelaces
  • Neck Knife Concealed Blade
  • Shoulder Sheath

What knife shape is best for self-defense?

If you’re looking for an EDC knife that balances self-defense and general utility, spear point knives are a great option.

Final Verdict:

To conceal a Bowie knife, we have explained the best steps and tips along with the terms and conditions of the use of these knives. As in which states, the users can legally conceal such products, and they can not.

All the ways of concealing these knives that we have explained are quite effective and easy to follow. However, they also are pretty dangerous as it is an illegal process and can cause multiple problems for you.

Despite, self-defense we would not recommend using these knives and concealing them anywhere illegally. This article has provided you with information that we hope you will find useful.

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