Knife Laws in Mississippi

Knife Laws in Mississippi-01

Legal to Own Knives in Mississippi Mississippi law permits the possession of butterfly or Bali knives, as well as stabbing knives such as stilettos, daggers, and dirks. Disguised knives and … Read more

Knife Laws in Kansas

Knife Laws in Kansas

Kansas is one of the most popular states that are too permissive about knives. But some of the current knife laws in Kansas are difficult to understand. Some knives are … Read more

Knife Laws in Nebraska

Knife Laws in Nebraska-01

The knife laws in Nebraska are generally easy to understand, although there are some sections that may appear unclear. While there are varying interpretations of some provisions, the rules on … Read more

Knife Laws in Louisiana

Knife Laws in Louisiana

Knife laws in Louisiana are somewhat confusing especially according to knife ownership. That’s why if the law doesn’t describe a knife, we consider it as a legal knife. Here you … Read more

Knife Laws in Maine

Knife Laws in Maine

Currently, Maine does not have any specific knife laws. Therefore, it is difficult for most people to determine whether certain types of knives are permitted or prohibited. In this article, … Read more

 Knife Laws in Michigan

Knife Laws in Michigan-01

Knife laws in Michigan are confusing. The knife laws of this state were amended in 2017. Sure, here’s an overview of knife laws in Michigan. Knives Legal to own  in … Read more

Knife Laws in Nevada

Knife Laws in Nevada-01

In terms of knife laws, Nevada is relatively permissive. There are many things that may appear straightforward, but some of the laws are wordy and explained in a complex manner, … Read more