Knife Laws in Nebraska

The knife laws in Nebraska are generally easy to understand, although there are some sections that may appear unclear. While there are varying interpretations of some provisions, the rules on knife ownership and carrying are generally unambiguous.

Here are the key points you should be aware of regarding knife laws in Nebraska.

Legal Knives to own in Nebraska

In Nebraska, any type of knife that is not explicitly prohibited by law is considered legal to own and possess. This includes common types of knives such as pocket knives, Bowie knives, hunting knives, and kitchen knives.

However, it’s important to note that carrying certain types of knives in certain locations may still be restricted.

For example, carrying a knife with a blade longer than 3.5 inches in a school or government building is prohibited, even if the knife itself is legal to own.

It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the specific laws and regulations in your area before carrying a knife in public.

Illegal Knives to own in Nebraska

Certain knives are not explicitly classified as legal or illegal, leaving one to presume that they are legal due to the absence of regulations. However, in Nebraska, the legality of owning a knife is not solely determined by the type of knife one possesses, as no knives are specifically prohibited.

Rather, it is contingent upon certain factors. Individuals who have been found guilty of felonies, are fugitives, or are subject to domestic violence protective orders are prohibited from owning knives, regardless of the type.

Carry Limits

All knives are legal to carry openly in Nebraska.

Concealed Carry

Restrictions on carrying concealed weapons become more stringent, particularly in regard to knives. Specifically, carrying a knife with a blade exceeding 3.5 inches in length is prohibited.

Moreover, carrying any dangerous instrument in a concealed manner is not permitted. However, it can be unclear whether knives with smaller blades also fall under the classification of dangerous instruments, leaving the law open to interpretation.

Restrictions on Carry in Specific Locations / Circumstances

There are limitations in place regarding weapons within schools, and administrators have the authority to discipline or penalize students found in possession of knives.

Restrictions on Sale or Transfer

There are no restrictions on the sale or transfer of knives in Nebraska.

Statewide Preemption

Nebraska does not have a statewide pre-emption.

Major Cities in Nebraska with Knife Ordinances

The possession, usage, sale, transfer, and purchase of automatic knives, commonly known as switchblades, are illegal by law in Lincoln.

Similarly, Omaha has a knife ordinance in place, which prohibits concealed carry of knives, irrespective of their blade size. However, individuals possessing a valid permit are exempt from this regulation.

City, StateLaw Title/ Chapter/ SectionConcealed Carry LegalMax Size RestrictionShort description of the law
Omaha, NE20-192 & 20-206No Unlawful to carry concealed. Permit to carry voids unlawful carry.
Nebraska City, NE24-89.No Must have NE Permit to Carry any Concealed Knife.
North Platte, NE93.05  No weapons of any kind in any park, pathways, or other recreation facilities.
South Sioux City, NE66-377Yes4″a weapon concealed on or about his person any knife or edged weapon fixed or folding and a blade length in excess of four inches


There are no exemptions to the knife laws in Nebraska, and this includes law enforcement officials and military personnel who are also required to adhere to the regulations.

Relevant Statutes

The following are relevant statutes regarding knife laws in Nebraska:

  • The possession, manufacture, transportation, distribution, or sale of any knife designed for the purpose of throwing is prohibited under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 28-1205.
  • It is illegal to carry a concealed knife with a blade longer than 3.5 inches, pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 28-1202.
  • Individuals who have been convicted of a felony, are fugitives, or are subject to domestic violence protective orders are prohibited from possessing any knife under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 28-1206.
  • It is also illegal to carry any dangerous instrument concealed under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 28-1204.
  • The possession, use, sale, transfer, or purchase of automatic knives, commonly known as switchblades, is illegal under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 28-1206.01. However, individuals possessing a valid permit are exempt from this regulation.

Summary of Knife Laws in Nebraska

Although no knives are Illegal in Nebraska, their possession is illegal to individuals with specific criminal convictions or legal problems.

Additionally, carrying a knife in a concealed manner is subject to strict regulations, including a maximum blade length of 3.5 inches. This is a crucial dimension to bear in mind as any blade longer than 3.5 inches is illegal, and the regulation applies to all types of knives.

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