Knife Laws in Hawaii

Knife laws in Hawaii are somewhat complicated. Some types of knives are legal to possess but you can not carry them. There are some restrictions for carrying a knife.

But if you know the local laws of Hawaii then you would not face any difficulty with these laws. Otherwise, you will face too many problems. In this article, we will provide you with all you need about knife laws in Hawaii.

Legal Knives to Own in Hawaii

A versatile type of knife known as the Bowie knife is not allowed in most states of the USA. But they are legal to own in Hawaii. In addition to Bowie knives other knives with large blades are also legal to own here.

Throwing knives and stars are also accepted, as well as disguised knives and push knives. You can own, borrow and sell undetectable knives without any difficulty. The ownership of stilettos, daggers, and dirks is also legal here.

Illegal Knives to Own in Hawaii

There are a little number of knives that are illegal in Hawaii. Bali knives and switchblades are illegal here. All other knives are legal to possess in this state. 

Carry Limits

Hawaii has some specific rules and regulations about carrying knives. There is no special difference here between open and concealed carry.

All knives that are illegal to carry concealed, are illegal to carry openly. There is no knife that you can carry openly but not concealed. 

All knives that are dangerous weapons are not allowed to carry either openly or concealed. This law is applicable to all knives which are considered weapons.

For example, you can not carry Blackjacks, daggers, dirks, billies, slug shots, metallic knuckles, or pistols. Generally, we can say that some knives are legal to possess, and illegal to carry.

Specific Locations / Circumstances

Educational and judicial areas are weapon-free zone. So there is zero tolerance for carrying knives in schools, universities, and their property like buses, and school grounds.

You can not carry a knife in school events even if they take place out of their property.

Restrictions on Sale or Transfer

You can not sell or purchase butterfly knives and switchblades in Hawaii. Besides that, all knives are legal to sell, purchase, borrow, and transfer.

There are not too many restrictions here on sale and transfer unless these two types of knives are. So you can sell and transfer other knives without violating state law.

Statewide pre-emption

There is not a statewide pre-emption in Hawaii.

Major Cities in Hawaii with Knife Ordinances

There are no cities in Hawaii with their own knife laws.


There is not any exception for anyone in Hawaii. All citizens are the same according to the law. So everyone has to obey the state laws.

Otherwise, he will face trouble in the state. Even there is not any exception for law enforcement professionals, army members, or veterans.

Summary of Knife Laws in Hawaii

The knife laws of Hawaii look confusing at the first glance. But when you realize them deeply you will find that there is not any confusion in these laws. All statements are clear and straightforward.

You can carry non-dangerous knives or another weapon openly or conceal them without any restriction.

However! You cannot carry dangerous knives like switchblades, and Bali knives either openly or concealed. There are no critical laws describing the knife size. 

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