Knife Laws in Maryland

There has been no change in Maryland knife laws for decades. Consequently, they may be considered archaic, but some of the elements are quite simple.

According to the law, knives of certain types are allowed and certain rules must be observed when carrying knives. In this article, you will find all the information you need regarding Maryland knife laws.

Legal knives in Maryland:

Knives are not restricted in any way. You are permitted to own a wide range of stabbing knives, including stilettos, dirks, and daggers. The butterfly knife, also known as the Bali knife, can also be owned by individuals.

The use of switchblades, as well as other automatic knives, is permitted. It is also permissible to use disguised knives, such as lipstick knives.

The use of ballistic knives is permitted in Maryland despite the fact that they are prohibited in a number of states.

Bowie knives and other large knives fall into the same category. In addition to undetectable knives, throwing knives and Chinese stars are also legal.

Illegal Knives in Maryland:

You are free to possess anything you desire, regardless of how large or dangerous it may appear.

Carrying Limits:

If you wish to take a knife from home, there are no size restrictions. Instead, these limitations apply to the particular type of knife.

You cannot carry switchblades, automatic knives, gravity knives, dirks, throwing stars, or bowie knives in the open with the intention of harming someone.

Concealed carry:

Concealed carry of switchblades, automatic knives, gravity knives, or bowie knives is prohibited. It is also prohibited to carry throwing stars concealed.

There are no issues associated with carrying manual folding knives openly or concealed. In addition, there are other knives not mentioned in the law. Therefore, most people assume that these knives are completely legal.

Specific Locations / Circumstances:

It is forbidden for individuals to bring knives on school property, on school buses, or to participate in public school activities. Even if they take place outside of school grounds, this is strongly discouraged.

Restrictions on Sale or Transfer:

There is a restriction against selling, transferring, or giving away automatic, gravity, or ballistic knives.

Statewide preemption:

Currently, Maryland does not have a statewide preemption law.

Major Cities in Maryland with Knife Ordinances

There is a knife ordinance in Baltimore that prohibits switchblades.

Additionally, in some rural municipalities, minors cannot carry knives at night, one hour after sunset, and one hour before sunset, except when hunting or engaging in any activity related to hunting.


There are no exceptions, not even for members of the military or law enforcement.

Summary of Knife Laws in Maryland

Generally speaking, Maryland allows the possession of most knives. Carrying knives is restricted in certain circumstances, especially concealed carrying.


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