Knife Laws in Idaho

When we talk about the knife laws of Idaho, we know that the state of the USA is too permissive about knives. Its laws are too easy to understand and have easy interpretations.

The citizens of Idaho are very relaxed about the knife laws of their state as compared to the citizens of other states. In this article, you will know all the necessary knife laws of Idaho in a straightforward manner.

Knife Laws in Idaho to know & implement

Following laws is an important thing and for that, an individual needs to know them. So we have compiled information in a couple of ways. Please follow the upcoming information to know:

Legal knives to own in Idaho

Idaho is a very permissive state about knives. Pocket knives and other throwing knives are legal here. You can own and borrow these knives. A versatile type of knife called a Bowie knife is also legal here; while it is illegal in most states.

Bali knives and automatic knives as well as switchblade knives are also legal to own. The same role applies to stilettos, dirks, or similar stabbing knives. Ballistic knives are also legal in Idaho while it is illegal in most states of the USA like Iowa state.

Illegal knives to own in Idaho

Idaho is knife friendly state in the USA. There are no illegal knives in this state. However, there are some restrictions related to the age of the knife owner.

A citizen of 18 years can not own a Bowie knife or a dirk without his parent’s willingness. Those who are under 12 years can not possess a bowie knife or dirk unless their parents are around.

In addition to this that has a length of 6 inches is considered a deadly weapon. That’s why its carry or ownership may cause some difficulties if they are used or carried in populated places or in a harmful manner.

Carry Limits

Idaho state is knife friendly when we talk about ownership. You can carry all knives openly without any restrictions. Open carry of the knife is totally legal here. But there are some prohibitions related to concealed carry. 

Concealed Carry

There are some harmful that are not allowed to carry concealed. For example, you can not carry concealed dirks, daggers, or bowie knives with blades longer than four inches.

If you get permission to carry knives then you can conceal these knives as well without any trouble. However, it is a must to know that if a knife handler uses some drugs; then he can hide the knife if he is intoxicated.

This role is applicable to all citizens even if they have a permit or a valid license.

Specific Locations / Circumstances

Unlike most states that prohibit knives of all types in schools and on school property, Idaho has a more permissive policy. If the blade is shorter than 2.5 inches, you may carry a knife to school – open or concealed.

It is usually safe to use pocket knives, but it is still a good idea to double-check. Additionally, this restriction applies to school-organized activities and transportation.

Restrictions on Sale or Transfer

The sale or transfer of property is not subject to any significant restrictions. In most cases, they are related to an individual’s age.

You can sell dirks, daggers, or bowie knives to minors. You are totally free to sell or transfer knives.

Statewide Pre-emption

There is a statewide pre-emption in Idaho. It prohibits all cities and municipalities from coming up with their own laws.

Major Cities in Idaho with Knife Ordinances

There are no major cities in this state with knife ordinances.

Summary of Knife Laws in Idaho

Idaho is highly permissive about knives. However, there are a bit restrictions related to the age of the knife handler and the type of knife.

Idaho state has no exception for anyone. If someone has valid permission from the Idaho government then he overcomes the rules.

If a knife has a blade larger than 6 inches its use is illegal. This knife with a blade of 2.5 inches is illegal to carry in schools and on their property.

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