Knife Laws in Georgia

Knife laws in Georgia were amended in 2012. The laws of this state were a bit difficult to understand at first. But they were rewritten in very simple words.

However! Most people still face difficulty understanding these laws. In this article, you will find all you need about knife laws in Georgia in easy words.

Legal Knives to Own in Georgia

A Bowie knife is a very useful type of knife. You can use the best Bowie knife for different important purposes. You can use a Bowie knife for hunting, chopping, self-defense, etc. They are illegal in most states due to their harmfulness. But you can possess these knives here legally. 

Unlike other states, Bali knives or Butterfly knives are also legal to own here. You can own throwing knives and stars and other disguised knives like lipstick knives.

Stilettos, dirks, switchblades, push knives, and daggers are legal here. You can even possess knives that can not be detected by metal detectors.

Illegal Knives to Own in Georgia

In short, there is not any knife illegal to own in Georgia. Even Bowie knives and Ballistic knives are also legal to own here. While they are illegal to own in most states.

Carry Limits

When we talk about the carry limits of knives in Georgia, we come to know that there are some restrictions related to carrying knives. 

A knife that has a blade shorter than 12 inches, can carry it legally openly or concealed. Only make sure that your knife is not larger than 12 inches. 

If the knife has a blade larger than 12 inches, it is considered as a dangerous weapon. So you can not carry it either openly or conceal it.

But if you got legal permission to carry a large-size knife, you can do this.

Concealed Carry

There is no difference between open and concealed carry here. Just you have to remember that your knife size should not be larger than 12 inches.

There is not any knife that is legal to carry openly and illegal to carry concealed.

Restrictions on Carry in Specific Locations / Circumstances

Like other states of the US, educational and judicial places are weapon-free zones. So no one can carry a knife with a blade larger than 2 inches in schools, colleges, universities, and courts. You can not carry a knife on school buses and other related places.

Restrictions on Sale or Transfer

There are no restrictions on the sale and transfer of knives in Georgia because there are no knives illegal here.

Statewide Preemption

There is a statewide pre-emption in Georgia. Their work is to target the ownership, manufacture, sale, and transfer of knives in the states.

In other words, a knife that is deemed legal in Georgia is permitted throughout the whole state, making laws easier for everyone.

Major Cities in Georgia with Knife Ordinances

There is a statewide foreclosure; So you don’t have to worry about knife laws set by cities.


State and federal authorities are exempt from some restrictions.

Summary of Knife Laws in Georgia

Georgia is a very knife-friendly state. Its rules and regulations are easy and straightforward. Almost all knives are legal to possess here.

You have to keep in mind the size of your knife while carrying it. It should not be larger than 12 inches. If you get a valid license then you carry a large-size knife as well. Educational and judicial places are weapon-free zones.

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