Knife Laws in Massachusetts

Are you interested to know about the laws regarding the use of knives in Massachusetts? This article will provide you with all information related to your queries.

There is a great deal of confusion surrounding the knife laws in Massachusetts at first glance. As you dig deeper, you realize that they make complete sense, and everything is very straightforward.

You must first go through hundreds of words and sentences in the law codes before reaching this point. Below you will find a summary of all the knife laws in Massachusetts in plain language.

Legal knives in Massachusetts:

There is no law that prohibits the use of Bali knives. These knives are famous with the name of butterfly knives, in Massachusetts. You can carry switchblades and most other types of automatic knives without any difficulty.

Another controversial category of knives is bowie knives. The best Bowie knife is very useful. These knives are illegal in some states but are legal in Massachusetts. As a final note, a person can own throwing knives and Chinese stars.

There is no prohibition on ballistic knives in Massachusetts, as well as push or stabbing knives – such as stilettos, daggers, or dirks – although they are banned in other states.

You can legally own knives with brass knuckles. You will also not be in trouble with disguised knives, such as lipstick knives.

Illegal knives in Massachusetts:

Massachusetts does not prohibit the possession of knives. Therefore, it is possible to own any item without worrying that you may end up in legal trouble.

Carrying limits:

There are certain restrictions associated with carrying knives. Here a person faces much confusion.

The carrying of kitchen knives, Swiss army knives, and folding knives are legal as long as a person uses them in a safe manner.

However, some knives are illegal to carry, whether openly or concealed. Carrying switchblades, ballistic knives, knuckle knives, daggers, dirks, stilettos, or double-edge knives is forbidden at all, openly or concealed.

If the blade is shorter than 1.5 inches, you can carry automatic knives. A knife that can disturb the peace or cause danger for someone is also illegal. There are many sources to interpret this.

Concealed carry:

There are no restrictions on concealed carry other than the general rules applicable to all carry.

Specific locations/Circumstances:

There is a strict prohibition on knives in schools, regardless of grade level. Furthermore, they are forbidden from participating in school-related activities and using school transportation.

Sale or Transfer Roles:

A person cannot manufacture, sell, or transfer swords, slung shots, bludgeons, knives, or weapons of a similar nature.

Statewide preemption:

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not have statewide preemption.

Major Cities in Massachusetts with Knife Ordinances

You are not allowed to carry knives longer than 2.5 inches in Boston If you are, a fisherman, or a person with a different profession that uses knives for work. 

Salem also prohibits the carrying of knives with blades longer than 2.5 inches.


There are no exceptions for anyone even for members of the military or law enforcement.

Summary of Knife Laws in Massachusetts:

In terms of weapon ownership, Massachusetts is permissive; however, it is not friendly to those who carry weapons openly or concealed.

It is important to remember that the critical dimension for carrying automatic knives is 1.5 inches. There are also some restrictions regarding the sale and transfer of knives.


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