Knife Laws in Kentucky

A person faces some difficulty when he wants to talk about the knife laws in Kentucky. However, the rewritten laws in 2019 removed most restrictions on possession and carry for those who are over 21 years of age. In this article, you will find all about knife laws in Kentucky.

Legal knives in Kentucky:

Bowie knives and switchblade knives are illegal in most states due to their harmfulness. But these knives are perfectly legal in Kentucky.  There is the same role for stabbing knives whether you are interested in a dagger, a dirk, or a Stiletto.

All of these are legal in Kentucky. You can also own disguised knives like lipstick or cane swords. The knives that cannot be detected by a metal detector are also allowed to own. The same role applies to ballistic knives that are illegal in most states.

Illegal knives in Kentucky:

There is not any restriction on the ownership of knives. Therefore you can own any knife according to your intention. however! There are some prohibitions on carrying knives.

Otherwise, there is not any specific law that concerns knife ownership prohibition. As a result, we can say that there is not any knife illegal in Kentucky.

Carrying limits:

As you know that there is not any restriction on knives; you can carry all types of knives openly without facing any trouble. So you can openly carry switchblades, and large blades and even you are allowed to carry Bowie knives.

The best bowie knife is used for multiple purposes. If it is not used in a legal manner then it is very harmful. Therefore it is banned in most states but here you can carry it openly.

However, it is very important to note that your knife should be open and your age is not less than 21 years. Otherwise! There are some restrictions that apply to carrying knives.

Concealed carry:

Actually concealed carry is related to the type of knife you are carrying. It also depends upon the age of the knife handler. If you are more than 21 years old then you can carry Hunting or pocket knives without any issue.

In short concealed carry depends upon the type of knife, age of the handler, and place of use. Even if you are carrying a hunting knife in a marketplace in a concealed form then it is illegal. However, if you are on a hunting journey then there is not any issue with concealed carry.

The best way for legal concealed carry is to have a license; then you will not face any difficulty at any place.

Carry in Specific Locations / Circumstances:

Educational places like schools, colleges, and universities are weapon-free areas. Therefore the government does not allow any person to carry any weapons like knives, guns, or other harmful weapons in these areas.

School transport and other related activities are also weapon-free areas. Like this parks and other recreational areas are weapon-free areas as well.

Restrictions on Sale or Transfer:

There is not any specific restriction on the sale and purchase of knives. You can carry, sell, purchase, and borrow the knife legally.

Major Cities in Kentucky with Knife Ordinances

The city of Owensboro, KY, prohibits the carrying of knives in park facilities, including playgrounds, ball fields, swimming pools, tennis courts, etc.


There are some exceptions for military forces and law enforcement professionals.

Summary of Knife Laws in Kentucky

Kentucky is a knife-friendly state, you can own all types without any restriction. But there are some restrictions to carrying deadly weapons concealed for those who are under 21.


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