How to Draw Bowie Knife? Step by Step Guide

There are 8 major steps to draw a Bowie knife with ease and perfection on a specific piece of material. The most important factor you should consider in this process is to draw the Bowie knife’s handle and blade.

We will assist you with the basic needs of a drawing process for creating a high-quality and authentic design. Moreover, you can draw the best Bowie Knives images if you follow the exact pattern of steps we provide.

How to Draw Bowie Knife?

How to design a Bowie knife? For many years, we have drawn and designed the best aesthetic shapes for knives. Therefore, we are highly capable of assisting you to create easy and elegant designs for your Bowie knives.

  • Create the Blade Pattern

Step 1 - Create the Blade Pattern

The first and most important step that is essential to follow to draw a regular shape of a Bowie knife is to create the blade pattern. For this, you have to take a permeant colored marker to sketch the flow of the blade upon which its shape will be decided.

Make sure to draw this knife blade line from one specific end and then curve it towards the upper position a little bit. This will help you in outlining a proper hinge in the blades that will support their shape efficiently.

  • Draw the Knife Base

Step 2 - Draw the Knife Base

Following that, you have to draw the lower portion of such knives with the same colored marked in a specific flow. Moreover, you still have to start this outlining from the major end and then scoop it a little bit downwards to create somewhat like a hollow shape.

But, it is important to remember that you have to create the knife base at the end of these Bowie blades. This helps the users to create a notch to support the base of these knives along with the hand guard. This small detail is essential to add a genuine feel to this drawing.

  • Prepare the Hand Guard

Step 3 - Prepare the Hand Guard

Now it is time to provide strong support to the knives and the users by adding a hand guard in the center of such knives. This handguard creates a level of balance in these knives that makes them perfect for handling large-sized items with ease and perfection.

This collar of the base makes sure that the users do not harm themselves during the use of such knives. So, make sure to leave a certain space at the right bottom part of such knives just before the handle knobs.

  • Create Serrated Top Spikes

Step 4 - Create Serrated Top Spikes

The serrated points in these knife blades are outlined in order to give them a sharp and spiky appearance. By doing this, your knives will look more realistic and efficient for quick and durable performance.

These points will be drawn on the upper tilted portion of the blades of such Bowie knives from left to right. Moreover, it is important to connect their ending parts to the knife tip and the collar-based handguard.

  • Style the Knife Blade

Step 5 - Style the Knife Blade

Your knife designs will become much more attractive and elegant after you complete this step. You simply need to repeat the shape of the knife within the blade portions from the handguard to the tips of the knife.

As a result, these knives create a reflection spot that looks more realistic since the blade becomes shiny. Nonetheless, do not redraw the tip, because the tip is unique in its designs and plays a very important role.

  • Take Care of Handle & Butt

Step 6 - Take Care of Handle & Butt

The remaining handle portions of such knives need to be completed after the handle of these knives has been drawn. Start by creating a rectangular shape handle with a small circular button just after the handguard.

In addition to leveling the composition of the blade and handle, the button also serves as a handguard. Hollow handle shapes give a more realistic appearance than any other shape.

  • Design the Handle

Step 7 - Design the Handle

These knife handles can be adorned with some accessories to add an elegant and aesthetic look. If you want to make them look more elegant, you can add handle covers with certain designs.

Also, these handles can be customized greatly at the end of the handle where the button is located. They can be easily protected by keychains or leather covers, such as sheaths, that can easily be attached to them.

  • Erase the Errors

As a final step, you should erase the common errors you made when drawing such knives. Make sure, however, that during the error removal step, you do not damage the initial drawn designs, or you will need to recreate them.

In drawing such knives, the materials you use greatly affect the removal process. Regular papers only allow you to erase with a simple eraser, while digital designs require you to use a digital eraser.

Is the Bowie Knife based on Native American design?

An American knife fighter of the 19th century, Jim Bowie is credited with the creation of the Bowie knife. The knife typically has a curved blade with a clip point and a cross guard to protect the user’s hand.

It was not solely based on Native American designs, although it drew inspiration from native knives. From the early 19th century onwards, the knife has become synonymous with the American West.


What does the Bowie knife symbolize?

Symbolizing bold, brave, and easily offended men, the Bowie knife lives on today. As a matter of honor, they killed, hunted, and dealt with cheaters, murderers, angry Indians, and bears personally, to name just a few.

Should a draw Bowie knife be sharp?

When the knife is braced this way, a stone should be applied to it. You can also lean your chest on one handle while sharpening, and bracing one handle on the bench. 

If you plan to draw a Bowie knife, keep in mind that it must be sharp (unless otherwise noted), but don’t get carried away since it isn’t necessarily a fine woodworking tool.

Is it illegal to have a Bowie knife?

It is 100 percent legal to use Bowie’s knives. Bowie’s knives can be carried longer than they are in other states. Daggers are knives with sharp edges on both sides and piercing points. Something like this might be seen in a horror movie or a collection of early 20th-century military items.

Final Verdict:

In order to draw a Bowie knife, we have concluded the best and most highly useful 8 steps that are simple to follow. In this process, the users just have to draw a specific blade shape with a dense and hollow base attached to the hand guard.

It is also quite easy to outline some serrated points on the blades of such knives. For a highly aesthetic look, customize the handle of these knives with different accessories and make sure to remove the common errors in the designs.

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